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This Month's Featured Title

Half self-help guide and half personal-journey narrative, The Founder’s Guide: From idea to Execution will help you achieve your dreams and make you feel as though the author is there alongside you, offering encouragement, personal insights into his own risks and successes, and actually being proud of what you, as the reader have accomplished. 

Taking an idea and turning it into a business can be a very rewarding experience. The challenging part is understanding the idea you have and realizing the various components that it takes to form and operate a successful business. This book explores a variety of essential habits and tasks that entrepreneurs need to preform and establish a successful business. It starts by taking an internal look at oneself to see if starting a business fits the lifestyle and personality of the individual. After personal traits and habits that are needed to be adopted are identified, the book transitions into laying the framework to start the business. Some of the areas this book will explore include analyzing the idea and formulating the plan. Many businesses realize too late the group thought to be the target customer group is not the right target group for the product. In addition to determining who is going to buy the product, one also must also complete research to determine the target customer base. From there, the book will go into detail regarding how to formulate a marketing plan and a business plan.

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